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ARSENURA is a bi-annual free newsletter sent to the amateurs and specialists interested in Saturniidae.

In this first number, an annotated list of the papers on this family published during 1996–1997 is presented, also with the help of Dr. S. Naumann (Berlin).
Contributions to the newsletter in form of short notes, rewiews, letters, field observations, news and information are welcome.
Sent all the material to: Luigi Racheli, Via Fara Sabina 1, I-00199 Rome, Italy.



This is a list of the papers on Saturniidae published worldwide during 1996–1997. It is subdivided in seven main parts according to zoogeographical realms and subjects. Additions will be published in the next number.

PALAEARCTIC REGION NEARCTIC REGION NEOTROPICAL REGION A total of 928 species of neotropical Saturniidae are listed, including many taxonomical changes. Notes on the distribution of Saturniidae in Paraguay are given. Some remarks on the faunistic relationships of the Cordillera de Yvytyrusu are added.
  • Racheli, L., & M. C. Callegari (1996): Lista preliminare dei Saturnidi del Dipartimento di Loreto, Perù (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae). — Entomofauna 17 (35): 477–492.
  •  INDO-AUSTRALIAN REGION AFRICAN REGION GENERAL A taxonomic list of about 350 species of parasitoids known to attack about 175 species of Saturniidae is given, including several new records of parasitoids from Africa. An extensive bibliography about this subject is presented.  BOOK REVIEWS
    Cicl. in prop. — Via Fara Sabina 1, I-00199 Roma, 10 July 1997

    Within the Saturnia website (, guests may present their own pages — concerning their own studies on Saturniidae or other bombycoid moths, autobibliography, research requests and other subjects.
    Regarding any submissions for inclusion here please contact Wolfgang A. Nässig via e-mail () and send files on disk or as e-mail attachment. Space is somehow limited, so include only small illustration files (only .gif or .jpg, and not too big in total). All files will be slightly edited to match up with the standards of the Saturnia site and transformed into HTML by W.A.N. Copyright and sole responsibility for the contents remain with the author.
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