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What is Sundaland? (This term is often used within these pages.)
Palaeomap links.
Important Note in Advance and Disclaimer:

It is strongly recommended that the internet “publications” presented here within this website are not cited in real publications (in printed journals or books), because these web pages are often changed and may be subject to cancellation without prior announcement. 

Never forget:
Printed media are intended for “eternity”, while web pages are always very ephemeral!

Listing any reference within a printed publication has one aim only: 
To allow the reader to refer to the earlier publication by himself personally (by looking up this reference in a library, for example).
When the referred “publication” is changed or cancelled in between, the reference may at best be misleading — often a website will be changed regularly and shortly, and any website will not last longer than a few years anyway. 

Referring to a source which is no longer existing in its original form (or at all) is, therefore, just the opposite of what responsible and serious authors of printed scientific publications are supposed to do. 

In addition, the rules of the Code clearly restrict the validity of internet publications (or any other kind of electronic publishing) for systematic purposes. 
The information and data shown here on these web pages contains only such results which have either been published in printed form earlier (and are, of course, cited within the web pages) or are such imprecise (maybe ephemeral) that a printed publication cannot be achieved today. 

The material here is primarily intended for two purposes:
a) to disperse information to a wider audience which may overlook some of the printed publications, and
b) to stimulate the general discussion about Bombycoidea research world-wide.

We will not publish any new taxa or other relevant information within this website before it is published in print!
In case that we show a change in taxonomic matters (status change or such) here, this is not to be treated as validly published; it it only informal and to promote scientific discussion!
Any groupings aside from those levels strictly defined by the ICZN (1985, 1999), i.e. subspecies, species, superspecies, subgenera, genera, subtribes, tribes, subfamilies, families or superfamilies, are only used on an informal level within this website, without attempting to create new (or change existing) such categories.
Important websites for phylogenetic work:
palaeogeographic maps and plate tectonics
  • Christopher R. Scotese’s site about the Palaeomap Project

  • To see the world and their continents drifting from Precambrian age (– 650 Ma) to now (and also projected up to 250 Ma into the future) (Scotese’s links page is somewhat hidden, see here)
    (Ma = “Mega-anni”; a unit of a million years)
  • Within the ODSN site, GEOMAR, Kiel, you can get a palaeomap created after your own wishes and data input (but read the manual first! It’s not too easy and simple ...).

  • (With a highly interesting Animation of the world’s recent 150 Ma in steps of 5 Ma — see the plates move! Big GIF of about 337 K.)
  • The Palaeogeographic Atlas Project, University of Chicago — This link is dead (2018 noted).

The following pages will mainly deal with checklists of Saturniidae from different areas of SE Asia. These lists were published by different authors and are presented here with some additions of more recent studies (but see above). — Also, the HSS (Heterocera Sumatrana Society) is introduced.
To the Saturniidae of Borneo To the Saturniidae of the Philippines To the Saturniidae of Sumatra
To the Saturniidae of Nusa Tenggara Timur To the Saturniidae of Vietnam To other Saturniidae Faunas To the Saturniidae of Peninsular Malaysia To information about the Heterocera Sumatrana Society

Another subject of the “Saturniidae Research” pages is to present new species of Saturniidae published during recent years, with a short description, copies of the illustrations and some further information.
The following taxa are presented here: (under construction )
Cricula vietnama Brechlin, Nässig & Naumann, 1999

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