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Wolfgang A. Nässig (picture from 2012) Autobibliographie
Teil 1 (Saturniidae)
Part 1 (Saturniidae)

Wolfgang A. Nässig
(Stand/As of: 20. July 2018)

Dieses Verzeichnis umfaßt alle wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen über Saturniidae bis einschließlich zum oben angegebenen Stichdatum in chronologischer Reihenfolge (die nicht notwendigerweise mit der laufenden Nummer der „Beiträge zur Kenntnis ...“ übereinstimmt!).
This list contains all scientific publications on Saturniidae published before the date given above in chronological order (which is not necessarily identical with the numerical order of the “Contributions to the knowledge ...”!).

Some of the publications, especially of the most recent ones, are available on individual request (via e-mail) as PDF in accordance with copyright regulations. 
Older papers can only be sent as printed copy or (when these are gone out) must be photocopied; this takes time. In such cases I need a normal mailing address.

Suchhilfe. — Aid for finding a paper in the bibliography.
Arbeiten über Saturniidae
Publications on Saturniidae
Publications on Brahmaeidae
Publications on Eupterotidae
Other publications on Bombycoidea
Publications on Microlepidoptera
Publications on Hessian Lepidoptera faunistics
Other scientific and popular publications
Non-scientific notes
Book reviews
Internetpublikationen (folgen später)
Publications in the World Wide Web (later to follow)
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Verfügbare Abstracts/Zusammenfassungen/PDFs sind im Text markiert und per Link erreichbar.
When there is an Abstract or PDF available, there is a link to it.
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Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Saturniidae/
Contributions to the knowledge of the Saturniidae:

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